What do and have to offer!

Our services, in-store and available for order products.

Embroidery Machine


Caroflex can offer you embroidered products ranging from hats to jackets, all at a moderate price. All materials used are of high quality, whether it's our jerseys, caps or our line of clothing, you'll get nothing but the best.

 Vinyle Press

Vinyl Work

Using vinyl to show off your logo, name number or even message is one of the services offered at Caroflex. We use various colors of vinyl to match your projects needs. Once we have figured out exactly what you need, we can then use our heat press to fuse the vinyl to your selected clothing option.

Large format printing

Large Format Printing

Caroflex can print in large formats in a clear high quality fashion with there in store large format printer. You may contact us anytime by email to see if large format can work for you or your project.

In-store clothing


At Caroflex we have a various assortment of clothing in-store so you can see and feel the different materials and products we have to offer before placing your order. We offer a vast range of clothing such as products from Under Armour, Technosport, Stormtech and AlphaBroder only to name a few.

Screen Print

Screen Printing

Screen printing is another one of the various options available to our clients which consists of using a mesh to transfer on to your chosen clothing option except an area made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil that reflects your logo or message.

Promotional Items

Promotional Items and Printing

Caroflex has a large variety of promotional items to choose from to fit everyone's budget. Pens, bottles and totebags are some of the more popular ones. We also offer medals for various competitions and sporting events with the possibility of adding custom stickers to personalise your event. Lastly we are also equipped to print your documents.

All our services include awesome customer service and great quality!